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Human existence is shrouded in mystery. Our home is a small island in an endless ocean, which simultaneously provokes our feelings and stimulates our imagination with its vastness and unknownness – from the macro world of the light years to the micro world of the atoms.

These scales are so unattainable that it’s easy to think of ourselves as something separate. However, this is not true. We are as much the universe as everything else is. In fact, even better than that, we are her sensory organs through which she observes herself and becomes aware.

Some people may feel frustrated and anxious about the fact that we may never answer the big questions due to the transience of our lives… Not me. It is enough for me to be passionately curious about the world around me and to truly experience it, building the puzzle of my worldview piece by piece.

Poetry, like any art, is a call to awake from everyday life, it is a call to open wide your eyes and heart. I present to you a collection of my views on life through visual fragments, entwined with the beautiful words and exciting thoughts of Bulgarian poets.

Disappeared without a trace?
Is it possible to disappear
in what he was born for?!

Man is the thundering bell,
that wakes eternity from sleep!

And a fiery, radiant Thought-star shone above him:
comfort in infinite sorrow, sister in joy and trouble…

It will go away, it will remain,
repeated in a thousand things,
and with starry brilliance
it will illuminate the travelers in the night.

Turn over letters, dig deep –
look for the thing that runs away,
afraid of the naked eye…

We instinctively
seek the fresh breath from outside,
but its source
is found within our souls.

Earth, like a floating restaurant, floats
in the cold maddening space.
And there is no shore,
where we can take a break from our drunkenness.

Life is a magnificent miracle.
I bow before its bright image.
And let the earth glow emerald,
and let the earth’s warmth breathe!

Your stars are pale and look like
frail fireflies. Give them flame!
Life is loved only through thought.
And this is how it’s hated. Through thought.

The world does not love the wayless –
and everyone hates him;
and everyone is wary of him,
but no one calls him crazy.

I adore your work,
heaven, that charm us.
You, like a genius,
cannot fall asleep yet.

It was too early, it was too late,
the snow never forgets the good mother’s head.
The world bows before her three times –
no, it’s not snow, it’s the sun!

We are used to living at high speeds,
we quickly get angry and love each other quickly as well.
And meanwhile – exquisitely simple –
a bee gathers happiness from a stamen.

Hell… I’m richer
when at once I give it all to you
and don’t look back secretly.

At this moment, when your magnetic hand
silently shows me its love –
I can’t believe in this irreversibility,
I can’t put up with the dirt and the nothingness.