Vicious circle

The vicious circle of religious mentality can be a double-edged sword, offering comfort and guidance to some, but also constraining the potential of the human mind. Those who strictly adhere to religious beliefs become trapped in a self-reinforcing cycle of dogma, framed by the concepts of Heaven and Hell.

Spirituality and the diversity of traditions have an important place in our world, but absolute “truths” about a creator, an almighty figure with its man-made laws, are detrimental to human understanding. Religion is the science of the past – a way for us to explain what is happening around us. Through our ingenuity, pioneering feats and cooperation we have breached its limits long ago and now it only acts as an anchor. Any new information or ideas are rejected if they conflict with established beliefs, which prevents individuals from exploring new perspectives, from sensing the richness and diversity of life and from embracing the full spectrum of human experience, but most of all – from understanding our world.

Simple answers strangle our curiosity and blind us to the immense beauty that is right in front of our eyes. Let us embrace the unknown!